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Lovebytes is an independent digital arts organisation based in Sheffield, UK.
Lovebytes was established in 1994 to explore the creative and cultural potential of digital technologies and to provide an international platform for new work and new ideas.

The Lovebytes International Festival of Digital Art offers a city-wide programme of exhibitions, performances, film screenings, talks and workshops.

Our educational projects in the local community help thousands of young people learn how to be more creative with computers and digital technology.

Commissions and Exhibitions
We have commissioned and exhibited over 60 ground-breaking new works by international digital artists including minim++, Biosphere, Harou Ishii, Yasunao Tone and Scanner+Tonne and we have featured the work of innovative and influential creative digital studios such as the Designers Republic, Renascent, Zeitguised, HFR-LAB, Joel Gethin Lewis, Mehmet Akten and Universal Everything.

We have staged live performances by many of the pioneers of digital sound and music including Autechre, Carsten Nicolai, Russell Haswell, Hecker, SND, People Like Us, Farmers Manual, General Magic, Lia and Tina Frank.

Lovebytes has presented exclusive talks by leading figures in digital film such as Peter Greenaway, David Slade, Jonathan Caouette and Andrew Kötting with premieres and previews of their work.

Tel. 0114 268 2080

Lovebytes Ltd. is a not-for-profit limited company supported by Arts Council England.

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