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Lovebytes 2012 - Digital Spring. 22-24 March.
A festival of art, science and technology at venues across the city of Sheffield.
Alan Turing Centenary Exhibition, MegaDork, onedotzero, Lovebytes Spring Fayre, Unquiet at the Library, Pattern Discovery: Bruce Gilbert, R/S, Russell Haswell, Jana Winderen at Showroom Cinema, Sheffield Central Library, Meadowhall Shopping Centre, Upper Chapel, Winter Garden and S1 Studios.

A digital art project combining craft, computers and the creative imaginations of over 1,500 Sheffield school children, culminating in an interactive exhibition at the Sheffield Children's Festival 2011.

Lovebytes 2010
A Festival of Digital Creativity and Culture. January-June.

Code:Craft at Millennium Galleries: C E B Reas, Golan Levin, William Ngan, Mehmet Akten, Daniel Brown, David Dessens, Daniel Widrig, Sonic Materialities: Francisco López, Mark Fell. Owl Project at Persistence Works. We Love Technology at Electric Works. Workshops at Access Space, MIllennium Galleries and Weston Park. Template at Sensoria. Flutter by Tom Betts at Sheffield Children's Festival. Pocket Universe at Winter Garden.

The Big Byte
The Big Byte was a year long-programme of events supported by Arts Council England and Screen Yorkshire and delivered in partnership various community organisations in Sheffield including The Sheffield Children's Festival, Sheffield Young Singers and Showcomotion Film Festival.

Lovebytes 2008
Free Digital Art in Sheffield. 9-10 May.
COH, Stephan Matthieu, snd, Universal Everything, GOTO10, Olsen
at Showroom Cinema, Sylvester Space, Access Space.

Lovebytes 2007
Process 13-20 May.
Biosphere, Yasunao Tone, Owl Project, Andrew Kštting, Plaid, Haswell & Hecker.
at Winter Garden, Sheffield Central Library, Showroom Cinema, Site Gallery, University of Sheffield Union of Students, Millennium Galleries, The Moorlands Centre.

Lovebytes 2006
Environments. 20-25 March.
Francis Dhomont, Fennesz, Evol, CM Von Hausswolff, HFR LAB, Junebum Park.
at Showroom Cinema, Millennium Galleries, Workstation, Site Gallery, University of Sheffield Union of Students.

Digital Space at the Showroom Cinema
A programme of events and exhibitions in collaboration with Showroom/ Workstation.
Including work by: Semiconductor, Tomson and Craighead, Simon Biggs, Boredom Research, Vicki Bennett (People Like Us), Blast Theory, Steve Hawley, Derek Lodge,Terry Smith, Single Shot, Simon Warner, Caroline Locke, Andrew Kštting, Janek Schaefer, Allen Todd, Dust Designs, Warp Films, Desq, Finger Industries, Red Star Studios, Tado, Nullpointer, Poil.

Lovebytes 2005
International Festival of Digital Art. 14-16 April.
Peter Greenaway, Jonathan Caouette, Thomas Köner, Francisco López.
at Showroom Cinema, Workstation Studio, Millennium Galleries, Sheffield Independent Film & Site Gallery (14 April - 18 June).

Lovebytes at Millennium Galleries
A plasma screen installation curated in collaboration with Sheffield Galleries and Museums Trust (Museums Sheffield). Specially commissioned works by HFR LAB Semiconductor and Vicki Bennett (People Like Us)

Lovebytes Lite
Live performances by Mark Fell and Jez Potter (SND, Shirt Trax).
at Sheffield Millennium Galleries (Museums Sheffield).

Digital Art at Sheffield Galleries and Museums
Consultancy report for Sheffield Galleries and Museums Trust (Museums Sheffield).

Lovebytes 2003
International Festival of Digital Art. 20-22 March.
Carsten Nicolai, Chris Watson, Nobukazu Takemura, General Magic.
at Showroom Cinema. Exhibitions at Site Gallery 15 Feb - 22 March.

Commissions for exhibition and CD ROM publication.
Featuring: Nullpointer,, Kurt Ralske, Dextro.

International Festival of Digital Art. 14-16 March.
Scanner, Yasunao Tone, Freeform, Robert Lippok, Massimo.
at Showroom Cinema, Millennium Galleries, Persistence Works, Sheffield Independent Film.

Volatile Media (DSP 2)
Commissions for exhibition and DVD publication.
Featuring: People Like Us, Alex Peverett, Butler Brothers, Steve Hawley.

Lovebytes 2001
International Festival of Digital Art. 22-24 March.
Autechre, Hecker, Oval, Microstoria, Richard Chartier, Felix Kubin.
at Showroom Cinema & National Centre for Pop Music, Sheffield.

A festival of new media arts and sport events. 4 Sept - 4 Nov.
at Various Venues, Sheffield.

Lovebytes 2000
Digital Originals. 6-8 April.
Terre Thaemlitz, Kim Cascone, Smyglyssna, Team Doyobi.
at Showroom Cinema & Workstation, Sheffield.

Digital Space Programme
DSP 1 AUDIO CD & CD ROM released in May.
Commissioning scheme for exhibition digital publications.

Lovebytes + Senti-ents
at The Unit.
Matthew Herbert / Radio Boy, Autechre, Squarepusher.
at Unit nightclub (Corporation).

Lovebytes 1998
Digital Art and Multimedia Festival. 23-25 April.
Dave Mckean, Audio Rom, Heath Bunting, Farmers Manual, Pita.
at Showroom Cinema, Workstation & various venues around Sheffield City Centre.

City wide new media public art installations. 16 March - 25 April.
Simon Poulter, Steve Hawley and Jonathan Allen, Lulu Quinn, Premium Leisure, Mike Lawson Smith, Andrew Stones.
Various venues in Sheffield City Centre including the 'New Town Hall' roof, Central Post Office, Allied Carpets, Devonshire Green, Ponds Forge Swimming Pool and on-line.

Website Commission
Paradise by Forced Entertainment.
Commissioned by Lovebytes as part of the Channel Metropolis series.

Lovebytes 1996
Digital Art and Multimedia Festival. 4-10 May.
Sera Furneaux, Rita Keegan, Jane Prophet, Lulu Quinn. 5 new media art commissions and 4 design commissions.
at Showroom Cinema, Workstation & Site Gallery.

Lovebytes 1995
23-25 Feb.
Butler Brothers, Roshini Kempadoo, Kath Moonan, James Wallbank.
at Workstation & Untitled Gallery (now Site Gallery), Sheffield.

Lovebytes 1994
Multimedia Revue. 9th May.
Titus Adams, Eitan Arrusi (Burn Cycle / The Virtual Nightclub) Richard Brown.
Premiere screening of Warp Records' Artificial Intelligence films.
at Workstation, Sheffield.

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