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Selected media coverage.

26.03.12 Culture Vulture. Review. A Little Bit In Love With Lovebytes.
13.03.12 Counterfeit Magazine. Preview. Lovebytes 2012.
11.03.12 Now Then Magazine. Preview. Lovebytes 2012.
10.03.12 Sheffield Telegraph. Preview. Digital Spring at Meadowhall.
09.03.12 Article Magazine. Preview. Lovebytes 2012.
07.03.12 The Star. Preview. Art on display at Meadowhall.
16.02.12 The Wire. Listing. Lovebytes - Digital Spring.
17.05.11 Wired. Mention. Arts Council cuts send creative industries to bed with corporate patrons.
07.04.11 The Creators Project. Feature. 404 Error: Digital Arts Funding Not Found.
28.07.10 Music Arcades. Review. DSP 1 CD ROM
11.07.10 The Star. Review. Youngsters enjoy a bit of a Flutter.
10.06.10 Sheffield Telegraph. Preview. Children's festival set to take flight.
13.05.10 Sheffield Telegraph. Feature. Sounds of the rainforest...
06.05.10 Sheffield Telegraph. Preview. Arts update: Digital media event.
30.04.10 Sheffield Telegraph. Mentioned. Community day at museum.
22.04.10 Sheffield Telegraph. Preview. Arts update: End insight for artist.
01.02.10 Sheffield Telegraph. Mentioned. 22.04.10. Ten things to do.
20.01.10 Sheffield Telegraph. Feature. Art of the possible...
12.01.10 Sheffield Telegraph. Mentioned. Thou art more lovely.
05.01.10 MacWorld. Preview. Lovebytes - We love technology.
01.01.10 Design Week. Mentioned. Hot 50 (PDF).
15.10.09 Sheffield Telegraph. Mentioned. Namecheck: Hero Nomination.
23.06.09 Sheffield Telegraph. Namecheck. Spotlight on young film-makers.
18.06.09 Sheffield Telegraph. Mentioned. Ten things to do.
06.06.09 Sheffield Telegraph. Feature. Pupil's creative technology...
01.06.09 Sheffield Telegraph. Review. Sheffield young singers...
16.05.09 Sheffield Telegraph. Mentioned. New songs for city.
11.05.09 Sheffield Telegraph. Mentioned. Festival is reaching out.
27.02.09 The Guardian. Namecheck. Theatre Blog - Tim Etchells.
09.01.09 Sheffield Telegraph. Preview. Endangered wildlife at Millennium Gallery (The Return of the Native by Suky Best).
08.05.08 Sheffield Telegraph. Preview. Just time for a quick byte...
07.05.08 Sheffield Telegraph. Mentioned. Access to open spaces.
06.05.08 Metro. Feature. Get your teeth into it.
01.05.08 Sheffield Telegraph. Mentioned. Matt reaches out to world...
08.04.08 Sheffield Telegraph. Mention. Six arts grants to Sheffield.
04.04.08 Sheffield Telegraph. Preview. Lovebytes digital art in one weekend.
13.11.07 Sheffield Telegraph. Preview. Work and play time.
18.06.07 Sheffield Telegraph. Feature. Sheffield's love affairs.
22.05.07 BBC. Feature. Lovebytes Festival 2007 preview.
12.05.07 The Independent. Feature. Going out: Festival
12.05.07 The Independent. Preview. 50 Best Summer Festivals No.17.
12.05.07 The Guardian. Club Preview. Lovebytes Launch Party..
01.05.07 Eye Magazine. Mentioned. Grow your own.
01.10.06 Grafik Magazine. Mentioned. Universal Everything Profile
01.04.06 Cube Magazine. Review. Cube at Lovebytes 2006..
21.03.06 BBC. Feature. Lovebytes Festival 2006..
20.03.06 Metro. Preview. Lovebytes.
02.04.05 The Guardian. Preview. Lovebytes: A Billion Pixels Per Second..
03.07.03 Mute Magazine. Review. Minim++ at Lovebytes..
01.05.03 Boomkat. Review. Volatile Media DVD.
13.03.03 The Guardian. Feature. Digital artists tool up.
09.05.02 Mute Magazine. Review. Lovebytes 2002.
09.05.02 The Guardian Guide. Feature. Film: Lovebytes Sheffield.
01.03.02 The Guardian. Namecheck. When the indies matter.
22.03.01 BBC. Preview. Multimedia artists featured.
09.07.00 Mute. Review. Such a Byte of Love.
14.03.98 BBC. Feature. Multimedia art gets streetwise.

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